Lesla Ltd and Cranfield University Collaborate on Groundbreaking Urban EV Charging Project

In an ambitious move towards a sustainable future, Lesla Ltd has partnered with Cranfield University to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in managing energy flows for on-street electric vehicle (EV) chargers. This pioneering project, supported by Innovate UK, aims to create energy microgrids that optimize the use of urban EV charging stations—a critical step towards meeting the UK's Net-Zero legislative targets.

With over 80% of EVs typically charged at home and 38% of UK households lacking access to off-street parking, the demand for reliable on-street charging is more crucial than ever. The Lesla kerb charger system is set to address this gap by enabling vehicles to stay plugged in overnight, benefiting from optimal energy pricing and contributing to the grid through advanced energy services.

The study will explore the potential of AI to manage the complex dynamics of energy markets, aligning diverse and often contradictory needs while accommodating unpredictable patterns. The AI system is expected to provide a self-adapting energy flow management that not only adjusts to the behaviors of residents and EV drivers but also scales up for new neighborhoods and additional charging units.

Project Name: Using AI to optimise energy flow management in urban electric vehicle charging

This study is financed by Innovate UK within the competition: Feasibility studies for Artificial Intelligence solutions

Application number: 10078489

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About Lesla Ltd

Lesla Ltd. is an innovative startup dedicated to pioneering advancements in Wireless Power Transfer and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Our team has skillfully developed a distinctive Kerbside Charger technology, ingeniously blending wireless and cable charging methods. At Lesla, our mission is to transform the EV charging landscape, striving to make it effortlessly accessible, user-friendly, and eco-conscious.

About Cranfield University

Cranfield University, a UK leader in postgraduate education and research, is renowned for its excellence in technology and management. With a rich heritage in engineering and a focus on real-world solutions, Cranfield stands at the vanguard of EV and AI innovation.

About Innovate UK BridgeAI

Innovate UK BridgeAI empowers UK businesses in high-growth sectors, driving productivity and economic growth through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. We bridge the gap between developers and end-users, fostering user-driven AI technologies. With a focus on ethics, transparency, and data privacy, we aim to build trust and confidence in the development of AI solutions. Strengthening AI leadership, supporting workforces, and promoting responsible innovation, BridgeAI shapes a collaborative and AI-enabled future. BridgeAI is an Innovate UK funded programme, delivered by a consortium including Innovate UK, Digital Catapult, The Alan Turing Institute, STFC Hartree Centre and BSI.

About Innovate UK

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, is creating a better future by inspiring, involving and investing in businesses developing life-changing innovations.   We provide targeted sectors with expertise, facilities and funding to test, demonstrate and evolve their ideas, driving UK productivity and economic growth. Innovate UK: inspiring business innovation.

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